Mancala, game of thought Museum of African Art 27.12.2012. to 06.10.2013.

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Mancala is a board game of a cognitive nature played in different variations across four continents: Africa, Asia, South and North America. The multimedia exhibition, with the accompanying catalogue, offers several possible outlooks on this game and through the act of playing, the possibility of becoming part of the unique atmosphere the game creates.
The exhibition is the third in a series of exhibitions based on the private collection of Belgian collector of African art, Guibert Hairson. Besides African mancala boards, counters and sculptures from the Guibert Hairson Collection, the exhibition is enriched with objects from the Popović family collection and mancala boards from the Museum of African Art in Belgrade. Also, in order to give a more comprehensive interpretation of board games, the exhibition includes two stone mancalas from the Archaeological Institute in Belgrade presented to the public for the first time. The two Belgrade mancalas, which were excavated at the Belgrade Fortress are dated to the 17th century.
The exhibition additionally includes filmed video materials containing interviews with collector Guiber Hairson, African museum curators from Belgium and Holland, archeologists, African and local mancala-players and other connoisseurs of this ancient board game. 
Every Thursday from 18-20h The Museum of African Art in collaboration with Board Game’s Club “C22”, organizes the MANCALA RULES! program, which involves teaching exhibition visitors the rules of mancala.
The “Mancala, Game of Thought” has proclaimed the Honorary Project of the Year 2012 by The Serbian National Committee of ICOM (International Council of Museums).
The author of the “Mancala, Game of Thought” exhibition and catalogue is Ivana Vojt, art historian and curator of the Museum of African Art in Belgrade.
The Museum of African Art, December 27th 2012 - July 10th 2013. 


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