XX CENTURY OF SLAVKO BOROJEVIĆ Museum of Vojvodina http://www.muzejvojvodine.org.rs/ 19.09.2013. to 30.09.2013.

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This exhibition presents life and work of Academy Member Slavko Borojević, authority scholar in fields of agronomy and genetics as well as one of the leading experts in applied genetics in SFRY. Slavko Borojević started his scientific career at the Agriculture-Forestry Faculty at Zagreb, where he completed his Doctor’s Thesis under the lead of Professor Alojz Tavčar, one of the first geneticists in this region. He came to the Agriculture Faculty at Novi Sad in 1957, and since 1962 he was a Full Professor in field of genetics. His main contribution was in plant selection and creating new varieties of wheat, used to increase productivity of crops and enable Yugoslavia to turn from importing to exporting wheat. The exhibition shows the life path of Slavko Borojević, from his birthplace at Knezovljani, village in Banija, through important anti-fascist contribution in the Second World War, diverse Yugoslav and global scientific and pedagogical activity, to expert and family collaboration with his wife Katarina, also a Professor of Genetics. The main theme of the exhibition includes numerous recognitions, rewards and medals earned by Professor Borojević in various fields during his fruitful life and work. The collection of medals, diplomas and other documents awarded to Slavko Borojević will remain at the Museum of Vojvodina after the end of this exhibition, as a present by Borojević family and will be the important enrichment of Museum funds.

Author of the exhibition: Vojislav Martinov; authors of catalogue: Vojislav Martinov and Miodrag Dimitrijević. In the realization of the exhibition and catalogue active part was taken by Slavko Borojević’s wife Katarina and daughter Ksenija.


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