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As the creatures of sunlight, human beings gather almost 80% of information on outside world by eyesight, so under the cover of darkness they generally feel powerless, scared and disoriented.
In contrast to humans, numerous animals not only cope quite well during the night, but it is in fact the period when they are dominant due to the extraordinary development of their other senses, primarily hearing and smell, or ability to move with help of echolocation. Some of them are undisputable masters of the night.
 Life cloaked in darkness, only anticipated by humans from sporadic strange and unknown, sometimes even scary, sounds and noises coming from the nearby forest, scrub and riverbank, as well as from barns, attics and cellars, led to appearance of a whole array of folk beliefs, myths and legends pertaining to nocturnal animals.The exhibition “From dusk to dawn” reveals the reason why the previously diurnal animals have chosen the secret nocturnal life during their evolution, leading to rise in their special abilities.

Author: Marko Raković, Editor: Olja Vasić


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