Film history Yugoslav Cinematheque 01.01.2019. to 31.12.2019.

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The Yugoslav Film Archive, as an unavoidable witness of film art development and films worldwide has been located in a new reconstructed building in Uzun Mirkova Street no. 1 in Belgrade since 2014. The building has the status of protected edifice, due to its architectural and historical legacy. The space itself presents an example of architecture of that time, situated at the address bearing historical importance: once it was the Palace of the Prince Alexander Karađorđević and a place where the Red Cross of Serbia was established in 1876. Since 1853, the building has been mentioned as the second hotel in Belgrade named “The New Edifice“ or “The Serbian Crown“, where the most distinguished guests had stayed and which was the stage for important historical, cultural and social events. Dance parties, theatre plays, musical concerts and painting exhibitions were held in this building. The hotel was operating there until 1869, when the tavern in Knez Mihailova Street no. 56 took over its name “The Serbian Crown“.

 From 1869 to 1963 this building was the head office of the Municipality of Belgrade. A short time after, the second floor and penthouse were built for the municipality purposes. The building was completely renovated in 1928. The trial of general Alexander Löhr was held in the same space in 1947. The Federal Bureau of Labour Productivity moved in this building in 1964. Layout of the inner premises was radically changed at the time. A new area was built within the old edifice. A new space appeared behind a folding screen of history. Art was embedded in architecture and the place where epochs met: the old and the new, traditional and modern.


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