Inspiration: Olga Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade 06.02.2016. to 19.12.2016.

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Gallery of Petar Dobrović, 36/IV Kralja Petra St.

This thematic exhibition aims to present the deep and complex connection of the personal and professional that is brought to light in the relationship between Petar Dobrović and his young wife Olga. This relationship developed into a sophisticated collaboration on the level of creativity and on the level of an almost obsessive devotion towards the artist/husband, which remained right through the decades following the artist’s death. This relationship produced extensive documentation materials, including a fact-sheet register and photo documentation devoted to a single artist, the painter Petar Dobrović. On the other hand, drawing from his long-standing inspiration, Petar Dobrović painted anthological, analytical, psychological portraits of his wife Olga, reflecting her moods and circumstances in the private and public sphere. Among the thirty paintings on this exhibition, in total, on this occasion, certain works of art will be presented to the public for the first time.  

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Curator of the exhibition: Žana Gvozdenović, museum advisor

Curator guiding for groups is available and requires making reservation in advance through e-mail:


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