The Silence of Stone The Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković 26.01.2017. to 13.03.2017.

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Through history and in the present moment, the expressive nature of stone has been a challenge for artists. The Silence of Stone exhibition by Rajka Bošković, PhD, museum associate, presents sculptures in wood from the Museum of Contemporary Art sculpture collection, primarily with the idea to highlight the possibilities of artistic expression in stone. The exhibition also aims to present the most important works in modern and contemporary art instigated as a result of working with (shaping) stone, and to expose the ‘being’ of stone, its atemporality and concurrent contemporaneity as material in sculpture.

The idea of "the silence of stone" stemming from insight into the essential properties of this material, leads to the very being of stone - profound peace, durability, stability and permanence, which is revealed through the succinctness, wholeness and unity of shape in artistic expression.  

This idea is communicated throu three segments: the first, titled Soil / Stone / Ground shows stone as a possiblity to shape the ground; the second, Body / Man / Two highlights the essential nature of stone – being lapidary and compact; whilst the third, titled Face / Personality / Character offers possible insight into the presentation of man in three ways, through likeness, character or personality type.

The exhibition presents some of the works of leading Serbian sculptors of the 20th century, as well as sculptures from former Yugoslav republics, such as: Dušan Jovanović Đukin, Sreten Stojanović, Risto Stijović, Vojin Bakić, Olga Jančić, Vida Jocić, Jovan Kratohvil, Đorđije Crnčević, Aleksandar Zarin, Milun Vidić, Momčilo Krković, Angelina Gatalica, Radivoj Subotički, Nandor Glid, Jelena Jovanović, Nebojša Mitrić, Kolјa Milunović, Milica Ribnikar, Miodrag Damnjanović, Sava Sandić, Frano Kršinić, Lojze Dolinar and Pavle Pavao Perić.

Exhibition curator: Rajka Bošković, PhD, Museum Associate at the MCA


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