BEING-DISAPPEARING- BEING Gallery ULUS 21.09.2017. to 03.10.2017.

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The Montenegrin artist Nataša Đurović has presented herself to the Belgrade audience with several dozen of drawings and paintings from the series “Being-disappearing-being”, produced over the past five year.

On this occasion the art historian dr Rajka Bošković has stated the following: “The title of Nataša Đurović’s latest series of artworks points to a flow, process, transience, not only in terms of the idea of the passage of time and all that it entails, but also of the creation of works on paper themselves in terms of leaving a trace – of being, disappearing, but also of being again. The idea is also clearly revealed by the method of work itself – by leaving a trace of charred powder, vigorous traces of charcoal, soft and hard traces of pencil, in the whirlpool of inspiration, atmosphere, state of mind, with a deep sense of transience, decay and disappearance, but at the same time with a touch of light and hope in each work. Between drawing and painting, from intimate miniatures in the spirit of haiku, through drawings charged with the forcefulness of brushstrokes, to conceptual works examining the boundaries of darkness and whiteness, decay and renewal, dark and light, and ultimately, their eternal alternation... these works, switching between a vigorous and subtle drawing process, testify to the deeply felt idea of the sense of creation – disappearance – being ...”.

Nataša Đurović, the Full Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje, was born in1963 in Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina). She graduated at the Faculty of Culture Cetinje, Department of Conservation and Restoration of Paintings, in 1986, and obtained a master’s degree in art technology at the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana in 1992. She was the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje (2004–2008), and the Vice-Rector at the University of Montenegro (2008–2014). She is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro.

Nataša Đurović has been active as an artist since 1989, developing her artistic ideas in various media: drawing, painting, photography, ambient and wall installation, performance. She has exhibited her works in prestigious group exhibitions in Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, France, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Canada and USA. She has had solo exhibitions in Montenegro, Serbia, Italy and San Marino.

She has won a number of awards for her artistic work, including the Award of the Herceg Novi Winter Salon (2003) and the Award of the Montenegrin Art Salon “13th November” (2012).


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