Everything in Nature Can Be reduced to… THE END Gallery 212 http://www.galerija212.co.rs 15.05.2018. to 29.05.2018.

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On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his work, Gallery 212 will present the latest production by the painter Jovan I. Rakidžić, one of the most prominent representatives of our contemporary art scene.
The exhibition Everything in Nature Can Be reduced to… THE END contains paintings and objects created in 2017 and the beginning of 2018 as a result of the consistency of five decades of artistic work, both in terms of researching media relations, drawing-painting-object, as well as in terms of themes related, in a broader sense, to the space-time relations.
Simultaneously reducing the elements and insisting on the texture, the fullness of layers, the painting gets a third dimension, some sort of relief quality, which made me want to work with form, to bring the painting forth into space. What helped me in this was Paul Cezanne’s idea of transposing the shapes from the nature into more simplified geometrical forms, which I am pointing out in the title of my exhibition.
… In the end, or at the very beginning, throughout the creative process one of the important issues that presented itself was the matter of compatibility of a painting as a flat surface and the volume of form. This question keeps haunting me and I hope that, with this exhibition, I managed to answer it.


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